What to Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot

There are no rules about what to wear for a maternity photoshoot. Gone are the days where all you saw were long flowy dresses, tossed into the breeze. If that’s what you are after – fantastic, I hope you get some gorgeous images – I’m just probably not the photographer for you.

I’d start by asking yourself 3 questions:

  • Where are you having the session? In home, outdoor, at the beach, in the bush… Will you need shoes? Will you be in public? What will the weather be?
  • Who is being photographed? Will a partner be joining you? Kids?
  • Do you want to show some skin? For part of the session, or all.

Showing Skin During Maternity Photoshoot

Here are some ideas if you want to show off that gorgeous belly of yours, uncovered.

I’m starting with this, because it’s easy to incorporate in all different types of maternity photo sessions. It can be for the full session or part of the session. However, as a photographer, I’m not going to ask you to take clothes off or pull up clothes during a session unless you’ve told me that’s what you’re after. If showing skin is what you’re after, let me know.

  • Bikini – great, obvious choice at the beach or river. (Like this session.)
  • Underwear – cozy, at home feel.
  • Nude – shower, shadows. It is definitely something to discuss with the photographer beforehand so you know what they feel comfortable with.
  • Robe – pattern
  • Shirt, unbuttoned.
  • Cut off top and knit – texture. Consider pants underneath. Pre-pregnancy clothes, skirt.
  • Top that you pull up.

Dressing for a Family Maternity Session

Do you have little kids? Are you going to be lifting them up, bending down?

Maybe your maternity session is really about just capturing a snippet of life right now before the new family member arrives and it’s about celebrating life as a family of 2 or 3 or 4…. with less focus on the bump.

  • Be comfortable. Aim for a more put-together version of yourself, but nothing that has you tugging, pulling or feeling awkward.
  • Avoid black. We want to be able to see the curves of that baby belly and black hides details.
  • Be cautious of dark colours and bold patterns. Like black, they can work to camouflage that baby bump. Lighter solid colours or smaller, subtler patterns are a safer choice.
  • Introduce texture. Linen, lace, denim and chunky knits are all fabrics that can look lovely in photos.
  • Dress you, then them. Decide on your outfit first, then coordinate the rest of your family around it. You don’t want matchy-matchy, but instead aim for similar colour tones. Think all jewel tones, or pastels, or shades of blue with a pop of something for contrast that is used more than once. If you’ve chosen a patterned dress, pull the colours from the pattern to dress your loved ones as you can already see those colours work well together. 
  • Don’t forget your underwear. With your outer layers selected, try them on with the underwear you’ll be wearing to make sure you don’t have any extra lumps, bumps or bra straps claiming attention. There’s also your accessories to consider, and it’s a good idea to snap a quick photo on your phone to check what the camera will see. 

What to Wear for Maternity Session

Dresses are really popular, because they can be incredible flattering.

Tight or loose, but don’t be afraid to show your own personal style.

Here’s the link to learn more about a maternity session with me.

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