Beach Maternity Photos at Sunset, Half Moon Bay Melbourne

pregnant woman floating in ocean during beach maternity photos, And So I Don't Forget Photography

If you search for a beach maternity photographer you’ll probably come across a whole lot of photos with long flowing dresses waving in the breeze. That’s perfect if that’s the style of pregnancy photos you are looking for, but that’s not what I do.

Natural, relaxed and real. Loving and laughing and appreciating this specific moment in time as you wait for your precious baby to arrive.

This maternity photography session was held at sunset on a hot summer’s evening and the sky put on a show for us. A simple black bikini showcased her baby bump perfectly and together we captured some gorgeous images.

This Mum-to-be wanted to show that baby belly off in a way that ‘made sense’, that was in a normal context to show some skin. Luckily the time of year (and weather, because this is Melbourne after all) made taking beach maternity photos in swimwear a possibility. An in-home maternity session wearing underwear and an open robe – think cozy vibes like snuggling up to your partner on the couch – could achieve the same.

These beach maternity photos were all taken while my pregnant client wore a bikini because that’s what suited her. It’s quite possible to be more covered up, for most of the session or even the entirety of it. I’ve shared some ideas on what to wear for a maternity session here.

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