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Images of warmth & love that celebrate this brand new life.

Newborn and family lifestyle photography that embraces what makes your family wonderfully, uniquely you, capturing the moments and details that you never want to forget.  




Get in touch and we'll plan the perfect session for you. Once booked in with contract and retainer, I'll send through a questionnaire to learn more.  You'll receive my session guide, with info on what to expect during our session, and I'm here to answer any other questions you have. 


Let me know when your little one has arrived and we'll finalise our session time. I'll take photos, you just enjoy the wonder you created! I'll prompt you as needed, but if you hug your loved ones close we're off to a great start.


Three weeks later, you will receive a link to your private online gallery. Gather together to watch the slideshow, choose your favourites and download the full-sized images included in your collection.

Ash and Ryan

Even though we have had professional photos done of all of our kids when they were born these are the only photos that have made me FEEL THINGS.



These parents were head over heels in love with their brand new baby girl, only 23 hours old. They booked a Fresh 48 session for share some of these first moments together with family and friends overseas. And baby Martha delivered! 

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Essential Collection

60 minute Fresh 48 photo session
in your hospital room

30 photos via digital download 


Hospital & Home

60 minute Fresh 48 photo session
in your hospital room

30 photos via digital download

90 minute Family photo session
in your own home

30 photos via digital download


A Year with Baby

60 minute Maternity photo session

60 minute Fresh 48 session

90 minute Family photo session

60 minute First Birthday photo session

100 photos via digital download




For the Essential Collection, payment is divided into three parts, with a third due at booking to confirm your session. The second payment is due at the time of your photo session, with the final payment not due until you receive the slideshow of your images. 

When booking a collection with more than one session included, I'll add additional payment steps into the schedule. Payment plans are also available on all collections, so please feel free to ask. 

After you have viewed your slideshow of images, you have the option to upgrade and purchase the entire gallery if you choose. For entirely digitals, the price is $200 however I also offer packages including print credit. 

I do offer limited sessions each month, so I suggest contacting me a few months in advance of your due date to secure your booking. 

I love all these photos so much!! We’re absolutely stoked, they’re even better than we had imagined. Thank you so much!! 


I just looked through our gallery and am in tears, seriously. 

How do Fresh 48 Sessions Compare? 

Simply, Fresh 48 sessions are very real and emotional while in-home or studio newborn sessions can be a little prettier and planned. 


Newborn photography ranges from very posed, studio photos through to in-home lifestyle sessions. Newborn sessions are generally held 10-14 days after the baby is born, with timing being more important for the more posed styles. Although my heart (and newborn sessions) fall on the in-home lifestyle side, there are amazing photographers across the spectrum.

in-hospital vs in-home newborn session

If you are debating between a Fresh 48 session and an in-home newborn session, I wouldn’t want to direct you either way. There are advantages to each and I think they can compliment each other perfectly. (I even have a pricing offer specifically for people interested in both.)

A Fresh 48 session could be timed to capture first meetings with siblings, even grandparents, if you wanted. There are so many firsts happening in these initial days as you discover more about your little one and being parents. It’s real and emotional and wonderful.

Within two weeks, the general time of a newborn session, a baby has already changed so much. They feel less fragile, you feel more confident. An in-home lifestyle newborn session captures a peek into your life at home with a newborn. Feeding, settling, the nursery, snuggled up all together. It’s loving and relaxed and wonderful. 

fresh 48 vs posed studio session

If you were debating between a Fresh 48 session and a very posed, studio session, I would suggest the Fresh 48 session every time. Personally, it’s the photos that capture the emotion and experience that mean more to me. I booked a studio session when my oldest was born and although the photos are beautiful, they don’t reflect how I remember her as a baby. (I didn’t bother when I had my second child.) The posed newborn style relies heavily on the baby being asleep, while the baby looking up at Mum or Dad, making eye contact with the camera, interacting in any form, are just incredible moments to capture in my mind. And don’t even get me started on the value of getting ourselves in photos with our loved ones! 

How do I book?

Get in contact! I offer Fresh 48 sessions in both public and private hospitals throughout Melbourne. 

I suggest booking in 2-3 months before baby is due. Although I try never to say no to a newborn client, my session availability does fill up.

As you wait for baby's arrival we'll get all the formalities sorted, including contract and a questionnaire for all the details I need. Then, when you're heading to the hospital, a quick text message is all that is required. I’ll get my camera gear ready, calendar cleared, so that we’re all set to schedule a time when your sweet little baby is here.

What should I wear for a Fresh 48?

Wear something cozy and comfortable for your Fresh 48 session. Be cautious of black though, as it dominates in photos, as well as big logos. 

I often take breastfeeding photos during a newborn session. If that is something you are interested in, consider what you are wearing on your top half, including bra, and how you could breastfed in it. Mind you, I love skin on skin photos so if you felt comfortable just stripping down, I’m fine with that too.

And for baby, simple is best. A white onesie is hard to beat, but I've shared more newborn photoshoot outfit ideas here.

What do I need for a Fresh 48 session?

Natural light. Probably not the answer you were expecting, but that fluorescent hospital lighting isn't flattering to anyone! Ideally we will turn off overhead lights and huddle around the window. 

A wrap or blanket in colours that you like can be great to have. And if Grandma knitted a little hat? I'd definitely love to include it. Bring on the sentimental!  

Can family members be included?

Absolutely! I love to include big brothers and sisters, although sometimes it's helpful to have them arrive a little later, or maybe go on a wander with a parent for a while. Just while we focus in on those baby details. 

Grandparents, or other special family members, are also welcome for the end of the session. That allows us to include them in some gorgeous moments, while still maintaining the intimacy of a Fresh 48 session. We're not going to get the best images while you're being watched.

How do I schedule my Fresh 48 session?

When I accept a Fresh 48 session booking, I am committing to having great availability the week before and the week after your due date. Beyond that too, because baby's have their own schedule, but that's my 'can't leave town' time.

If you are having a scheduled C-Section or being induced, we have some advance notice and can pencil in a session time before baby is here, but I juggle my calendar to schedule in Fresh 48 photo session. Communication - keeping me in the loop - really helps. 

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