Newborn Photoshoot Outfit Tips

Baby lying on father's knees wearing a white onsie, showing example of what to wear for newborn photoshoot.

What Baby Should Wear for a Newborn Photoshoot

Let me start by saying, you don’t need a special newborn photoshoot outfit and there are no ‘rules’ about what your baby should or shouldn’t wear. These are your photos and you can dress your little one in whatever you would like for your photo session.

However, if you are looking for some guidance, here are my suggestions to keep in mind when choosing a newborn photoshoot outfit.

  • Simple is wonderful. A basic white onsie can be perfect. You don’t want anything too elaborate. Solid colours and delicate patterns are also fine. Words and big images are best avoided.
  • Show some skin. I want to see those adorable baby toes, so avoid a footed onesie. In warmer weather consider a sleeveless style, bodysuits without legs, even overalls and rompers that bare their back too.
  • A cold baby is a cranky baby. There is no point having an adorable outfit if baby is upset the entire time we can see it. Dress them warm enough for your house, as turning up the heating can only do so much.
  • Don’t drown them in layers. Babies are so little and we want to see that, without bulky layers. You want to be able to pick them up without tucking and tugging clothes back into place. Consider one piece outfits, rather than separates. Jumpers and cardigans work best with something more fitted underneath.
  • Let baby shine. We don’t want to overwhelm those little baby features with large headbands or big ruffles and bows right near their face. Baby is small in scale so accessories and details need to match. I’m not a fan of hat and wrap sets for the same reason, as the fabric can dominate. Instead, I’d choose a wrap and coordinated bonnet or hat for that look, something similar in colour but not matchy-matchy.
  • Upgrade with texture. The difference between a basic onesie and something that looks and feels more special can be the fabric. Knits, linen and textured cotton all add lovely subtle detail to photos.
  • Sentimental wins. If you have a sentimental outfit – something handed down, handmade by one, that very first baby item you bought – feel free to ignore all the suggestions above.

These photoshoot outfit suggestions are written with newborn babies in mind. As your little one gets older, gets bigger is size, there are more outfit possibilities that wont dominate in a photo. A simple way to test an outfit – snap a photo and check whether your attention goes to baby or outfit first.

Where to Find a Newborn Photoshoot Outfit

Kmart, Bonds, Cotton On – they all have some great options for basic onesies that you would make a lovely newborn photoshoot outfit. But, if you’d love the excuse to shop for something special, here are some stores, and outfit examples, that I adore.

3 Wilson + Frenchy onesies, as example of lovely newborn photoshoot outfits

Wilson + Frenchy – bodysuits and knits in a range of colours and simple basic patterns. A size 00000 for babies under 3.5kg is offered too.

Three Pure Baby outfits, an example of lovely newborn photoshoot outfits

Pure Baby – a large range of baby basics and overalls, rompers and knits that can be ridiculously sweet.

Three Quincy Mae onesies, examples of lovely newborn photo session outfits

Quincy Mae – overalls and rompers in lovely soft colours and patterns. They’re not Australian, although do ship here, and stockists include The Iconic.

Goldie + Ace outfits, example of gorgeous newborn photoshoot outfits

Goldie + Ace – beautiful and fun patterns in bodysuits, rompers and bloomers. I would be a little cautious of their boldest designs for a newborn photo session though.

Jamie Kay outifts, gorgeous newborn photoshoot outfits

Jamie Kay – knits, bloomers and rompers in gorgeous florals, neutrals and dusty colours.

three Miann & Co outfits, lovely options for a newborn photography session

Miann & Co – knitted bodysuits, jumpsuits, overalls and outerwear. I love their textured knits.

Bille & Byron outfits, examples of options of a newborn photoshoot

Billie & Byron – unisex onsies, bodysuits and rompers in lovely neutral colours.

flatlay of Hank Knitwear rompers, examples of lovely newborn photoshoot outfits

Hank Knitwear – hand knitted rompers, bloomers and bonnet. Ridiculously adorable, but definitely in the splurge category.

Showing Baby Skin

Even with a lovely newborn photoshoot outfit selected, nothing can beat that baby skin. If temperature and baby is willing, I do love to strip them down to their nappy for some photos too. Bloomers or a nappy cover can be used to add some style, and I have a small collection that I have available during newborn sessions.

How Many Newborn Photoshoot Outfits are Needed

I suggest having two photoshoot outfits ready – one that makes you happy and a basic backup in case of mess. If your little one needs an outfit change, having the second option already selected can take away the stress.

Newborn baby holding Dad's hand while in Mum's arms, showing example of newborn photoshoot outfit

What Should I Wear for a Baby Photoshoot?

I actually suggest you choose your outfit first. Something that lets you feel comfortable and confident, then coordinate your little one’s outfit from there. I’ve gathered more what to wear for family photos advice here.

I often take breastfeeding photos during a newborn session. If that is something you are interested in, consider what you are wearing on your top half, including bra, and how you could breastfed in it. Mind you, I love skin on skin photos so if you felt comfortable just stripping down, I’m fine with that too.

My last newborn photoshoot specific suggestion – your hands are likely to feature in photos. If chipped nailpolish or unkept nails annoy you, it’s something to bare in mind.

What Else do I Need for a Baby Session?

It is helpful to have some wraps and rugs available during a newborn session. They can add a cosy feel to photos of baby on their own, and if your little one likes to be swaddled, baby burritos always make me smile.

If there is anything sentimental that you might want to include, I suggest laying it out in advance.

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