Images of warmth & love that celebrate the life you're creating.

Maternity photography that embraces this unique moment in time, capturing moments and details of this era, as you eagerly anticipate the arrival of the next. 

And gorgeous baby bellies.


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When to take maternity photos?

Generally we're aiming for a sweet spot when your belly is nice and rounded, but without being so late that you're feeling really uncomfortable or risking baby arriving before your photo session does.

30 to 36 weeks is the typical range for maternity photos, although they can be taken right up until your baby arrives.



Get in touch and we'll start to plan the perfect session for you. Once booked in with session date, contract and retainer, I'll send through a questionnaire to learn more.  You'll receive my session guide, with info on what to expect and how to prepare, and I'm here to answer any other questions you have. 


We'll meet up and have fun. I'll take photos, you just be yourself. There is no wrong way to do this! I'll prompt you as needed, but if you hug your loved ones close we're off to a great start.


Three weeks later, you will receive a link to your private online gallery. Gather together to watch the slideshow, choose your favourites  and download the full-sized images included in your collection.


OMG!!! They are amazing, you are amazing! We are sooo happy.


Essential Collection

90 minute photo session
choice of in-home outdoor location

30 photos via digital download 


Short and Sweet

30 minute photo session
at my lovely bush property in Hurstbridge

5 photos via digital download


Newborn & Maternity

60 minute maternity session
90 minute newborn session

60 photos via digital download




For the Essential Collection, payment is divided into three parts, with one-third due at booking to confirm your session. The second payment is due at the time of your photo session, with the final payment not due until you receive your slideshow of images. 

When booking a collection with more than one session included, I'll add additional payment steps into the schedule. Payment plans are also available on all collections, so please feel free to ask. 

After you have viewed your slideshow of images, you have the option to upgrade and purchase the entire gallery if you choose. For entirely digitals, the price is $200 however I also offer packages including print credit. 

I do offer limited sessions each month, so I suggest contacting me a few months in advance of your due date to secure your booking. 

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Does the mention of pregnancy photos have you picturing a long flowy dress blowing in the breeze? Thankfully there are no rules - your maternity photo session can be whatever you want it to be. Maybe you do want to really focus on your gorgeous baby bump and the wonder of creating life, or perhaps it's capturing some precious details of your lives together right now, before your family changes forever, which has your heart.

A maternity photoshoot can be all about skin, which is perfect with a bikini at the beach or a more intimate at home maternity session, or keep it casual with a cropped top or just pull your top up to show that baby belly. Maybe you want a dramatic moment in a long dress, or to keep it relaxed and natural, or to have fun with accessories. Flower crown anyone?


How about an in home maternity session for that cozy feel? Picture a lazy morning together, snuggling on the couch - a snapshot of the life you share. Or consider booking a night’s accommodation, whether in the city with an amazing view or a gorgeous cabin somewhere, and capture some memories during a weekend getaway together. Same cozy feel, less cleaning!

I will forever be a fan of beach maternity sessions, whether playing in the water during summer or rugged up and huddled together in cooler weather. Rivers and lakes provide some other options if you are looking to incorporate water, but also don’t forget pools. Picture lazing poolside on a lounger, sunglasses, big floppy hat and that baby belly.

There are many beautiful outdoor locations you could have your maternity photos taken, from quirky urban settings to formal gardens to bushland. I hold many sessions at my place in Hurstbridge, so that’s always an option for a private bush location. Oh, camping could make for amazing couples maternity photography, (if you’re still managing to enjoy camping while pregnant).

You could have your maternity photoshoot somewhere meaningful to you, like your wedding location or revisiting a significant date you shared. Where did you go on your first date together? Or what do you enjoy doing together nowadays? Go out an a date together and we’ll capture photos and memories along the way.

Outdoor Maternity Shoot Locations

Here are some great maternity photoshoot locations in and around Melbourne, but there are so many more possibilities. 


- Red Rocks of Half Moon Bay
- Epic Vistas of Flinders
- Bathing Boxes of Brighton
- Sandringham Beach


- My property in Hurstbridge
- Pound Bend, Warrandyte
- Hawkstowe Reserve, Mernda
- Darebin Parklands


- Historic Buildings of Treasury Place
- Northcote Town Hall
- Streets of Collingwood
- Montsalvat
- Melbourne Zoo
- Laneways of Melbourne


- Fitzroy Gardens
- Carlton Gardens
- Melbourne Botanical Gardens
- Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens


I love a maternity photo session with younger siblings. (Yes, your children are welcome at all my maternity photoshoots.) An in home session is a great way to capture what makes your family wonderfully, uniquely you. This is what I organised for myself when I had my second child. Think reading snuggled together, jumping on the bed. An outdoor family maternity photoshoot is an adventure together. It’s movement and fun.

Maternity photography with your family can be a celebration of family life before this new little person arrives, where the baby bump has just a background role, or perhaps you’d like a portion of the session to be on your own, focused on your pregnant belly. It’s all possible.


There are some really creative ways to share news of your pregnancy, such as this gorgeous Bun in the Oven pregnancy announcement session. An announcement photoshoot would generally need to be early in your pregnancy and don’t forget to allow for 3 weeks between session time to when you’re guaranteed to have photos back to share.


I’m not a huge fan of using props in my sessions, but maternity photography sessions are a great chance to interject a little something fun and sentimental. Yeah, that can be a little cheesy, but cheese is delicious in small doses. Baby shoes, a sonogram picture, that first tiny outfit you bought… An item that means something to you, not that you’ve bought just for the occasion, is generally most successful.  

What to Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot

There are no rules about what we wear for maternity photos, but I'm happy to offer some suggestions and guidance. 

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I like to begin our session with a quick chat about what’s going to happen and a tour of your home. I know you want me to be there; at this point it’s really about the kids. They’ll show me their favourite toys, their bedroom, introduce me to their baby brother or sister. 

I want you to relax. I don’t need you to tell the kids to smile or to look at the camera. Let me take charge; I can always ask for help if I need it. I’m there to capture you relaxing, laughing, loving on each other. The more you interact and forget about me, the better.

I’m going to take my shoes off, fiddle with your curtains, encourage kids jumping on the bed. I’ll provide direction as required but really, it’s about enabling situations for your family to be its incredible, natural self.

And we’re going to have fun.

Sure, light and bright houses make my work easier but I’ve yet to see a home without at least one space that will work.

Or if an in-home session doesn’t suit, let’s meet at the beach. Or a national park. Your favourite café. Man, the options are endless. Where does your family go to relax and play together? Where are you most ‘you’? If you have an idea, I want to hear about it. Not quite sure, then let’s chat.

Maternity sessions are ideally held when you are between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant.

And for newborn sessions, there is never a bad time to take photos of your baby!

Outdoor sessions are timed for sunrise or about an hour before sunset. With young daughters myself, I get that this isn’t always the easiest. It’s worth it.

In-home sessions are generally scheduled for 10am or 2pm, but there is so much more flexibility so let me know what time works for your family’s routine.

You want to be co-ordinated, but not matchy-matchy. Think neutrals and beautiful textures – linen, lace, denim, knits, silk – then add in some complimentary colour. Big logos are best avoided.

Mum’s outfit can be a good place to start; something you feel comfortable and lovely wearing.

I’ve gathered a few photos on 
And if you are looking for a maternity shoot outfit,
             has some gorgeous options for hire, from petite to plus size, and they offer a discount for my clients. 

You want to be co-ordinated, but not matchy-matchy. Think neutrals and beautiful textures – linen, lace, denim, knits, silk – then add in some complimentary colour. Big logos are best avoided.

Mum’s outfit can be a good place to start; something you feel comfortable and lovely wearing.

I’ve gathered a few photos on 
                         And if you are looking for a maternity shoot outfit,
             has some gorgeous options for hire, from petite to plus size, and they offer a discount for my clients. 

                                               Pinterest  for inspiration.



Pinterest  for inspiration.

Your lounge room, bedrooms and anywhere there is beautiful light is where I am most likely to shoot.

Rooms looking lived in and loved is awesome, but if you could spend just a couple minutes hiding clutter in a cupboard or junk room it can make a big difference. I promise not to look!

Shortly after your session I will share a sneak peek on Facebook.

You will receive an email with a link to your online gallery within three weeks. This is where you select your photos to download and can look at the gorgeous printing options available. 


I do book ahead, so ideally you would contact me before your baby is born. I'll pencil in your due date and leave room in my calendar.

I will email through a questionnaire to obtain the necessary details and learn more about what makes your family wonderfully you.

There will also be a contract, confirming some simple expectations of each other, and invoice attached. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and can be paid via direct debit or Paypal. 

Then when your little one arrives, you simply let me know so we can confirm a session date and time.    

                  Here's how to get in touch with me.

Here's how to get in touch with me.

No worries, we’ll reschedule. Same if I’m sick; I’m not going to share my germs.

Oh, and I’m up to date on my immunisations.

I can't wait to 


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