DAY in the Life

Day in the Life Photography

Documentary photography that celebrates your warmth, love and lives together. 

Affirmations of the way you live and love.

What do you want to remember when you look back at today?

Is it early morning snuggles? Princess dresses and cups of pretend tea? That little tongue that pokes out as they concentrate on the latest creation? Giggles at bath time and books before bed? 

I don't know what makes your family wonderfully, uniquely you. But I want to find out.

I want to spend the day with you and your family to document the habits, quirks and routines that your life is made of. The cuddles and kisses, the laughter and the tears. Capturing a snapshot of life, this day, this moment in time, for you to remember.   

Natural, unposed with no awkward smiles. Just time spent together.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
Dr Seuss



I first started undertaking personal Day in the Life projects years ago, before I had kids or was even married. It's startling to see how much my life has changed. 

A regular Tuesday for my family, captured in photos.
Milly, age 3. Emma, age 1. 

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OUR WEEK // MAY 2020

With COVID restrictions beginning to lift, Mike was working altered hours, the girls had just resumed spending days with their grandparents but still had no kinder or activities and I left the house once in the entire 7 days.

This is our wonderfully real and imperfect week. 

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- Approximately 6 hour spent together
- Pre-session questionnaire and planning call to craft a wonderfully imperfect morning (or afternoon)
- 50 high res digital images


A Day in the Life

- Approximately 10 hours spent together
- Pre-session questionnaire and planning call to craft a wonderfully imperfect day 
- 50 high res digital images


A YEAR in the Life

- 4 photo sessions over 12 months
- Sessions are approximately 4 hours long, timed to progress through a day. (Morning, lunch, afternoon & evening.)
- 100 high res digital images


book your session

Every family is unique, so every session is unique. However, we're going to have a chat before I  turn up on your doorstep. On booking, I'll send you out a questionnaire to help me learn more about you and your family, then we'll go over that information together to create a basic plan for the day.

You don't need to ignore me or pretend I'm not there. We'll talk during the day, and I'm hoping you feed me too. I'll laugh and joke with the kids, they'll show me their favourite toys and their bedrooms. We'll get comfortable with each other and the day will flow on around me.  

If you're anything like my family there will be hugs and laughter, crying and timeouts. But I want you to relax. This is the life that I've here to capture. Real and wonderfully imperfect.

And we're going to have fun.

No, let's go on an adventure together!

We could go to the beach or the zoo. A national park or your local park. Your favourite café. Man, the options are endless. Where does your family go to relax and play together? Where are you most ‘you’? If you have an idea, I want to hear about it. Not quite sure, then let’s chat.

This is a package of 4 sessions, held roughly 3 months apart over the course of a year. 

The first session will capture your morning from right when you wake up, then I'll return a few months later to document your midday. The third session will be late afternoon before we finish our year together with bedtime.

This progression covers the entirety of the day and will flow beautifully through an album as you see the children age over the course of the year.  

Autumn is the idea time to start this year together off, allowing us to make the most of the late summer light for our evening photo session.

Whatever you like! Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

What is your child's favourite outfit? This isn't the day for perfectly matchy-matchy, let their personality and personal style go wild. Costumes, princess dresses, bring it on!

No, not really. I'll open curtains and turn on and off lights as required.

Rooms looking lived in and loved is awesome, but maybe you could spend a couple minutes hiding clutter in a cupboard or junk room as it can make a big difference. I promise not to look!

Shortly after your session I will share a sneak peek on Facebook.

You will receive an email with a link to your online gallery within three weeks, with the draft design of your album to soon follow. 

Once you've noted any changes you would like made to your album, I'll amend and forward to you for final approval before sending it off for print. 


Once we have settled on a date, I will email through a questionnaire to obtain the necessary details and learn more about what makes your family wonderfully you. Then we will discuss, crafting a outline for the day to best capture the moments and memories you want to remember.

There will also be a contract, confirming some simple expectations of each other, and invoice attached. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and can be paid via direct debit or Paypal. 

                  Here's how to get in touch with me.

No worries, we’ll reschedule. Same if I’m sick; I’m not going to share my germs.

Oh, and I’m up to date on my immunisations.


Get in contact! I am happy to chat and answer any questions you might have. 

Or, maybe my lifestyle family photography sessions or newborn photography sessions might be more what you're after. They're still natural and relaxed, but shorter and with a little more direction thrown in.

I'll finish with my hard sell though: our kids grow up too damn fast and you're never going to regret capturing these moments together.