75+ Photo Gift Ideas

Photo gift ideas header, including a custom sketch, instagram table light and face stickers.

From cheap, quirky and good for a laugh, through to incredibly sentimental, this list of personalised photo gift ideas has it all. Whether you’re looking for Mum, Dad, grandparents, your best friend or boyfriend, whatever the occasion, there is something here for everyone.

Choosing the Right Photo

If you have some recent family photos that you can’t wait to share, wonderful! If you don’t, how about nabbing a photo off their Facebook or Instagram accounts. It’s a safe bet that if they shared an image, that’s a favourite of theirs.

Some of these ideas are going to work perfectly for a closeup face photo, but also consider using a photo of a location, such as a favourite holiday or their first home. And using a detail image, such as the flowers from their bridal bouquet, can evoke the same precious memories of their wedding day while resulting in a totally different looking present.

Not totally convinced about giving a photo gift? Think you might have done that last year? How about using kids artwork. Many of the items on this list would work wonderfully using a photo of a child’s painting or drawing instead. The result, a unique and personal present and one very proud child.

The Classic Photo Gift

Fresh takes on traditional ideas. Because sometimes you’re looking for the tried and true.

1. A framed photo. Simple, easy and suitable for every budget. How about these collages and photo art prints, elevating your photos with these lovely designs.

2. Photo albums and photo books. A great project to DIY if you like playing with paper, or there are so many options available. Artifact Uprising has a range of gorgeous photo books across all different price points.

3. These bamboo keyrings are luxe, sturdy and allow for a personalised message on the back.

4. Wall calendars are the perfect gift to give again and again and again. I love the graphic look of this 14 month calendar, while this one is designed to separate and keep the photos when the year is done. Both begin at the month of your choosing, perfect for a mid-year present.

5. A mug. From ‘magic’ designs that reveal with heat to Mothers Day, Christmas themed and everything in between, there is an option for everyone who loves a hot beverage.

6. Candles. Guess what my girls’ grandmothers are getting for Mothers Day? Shhh…

7. The good old fridge magnet. On my parents’ fridge is a magnet with a photo of me on a trip to the beach as a kid, and it’s been there for over 20 years. (Well over, if I’m being honest.) It’s not as fancy as this set though.

Creative Photo Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids love seeing their own face on things. Really, who doesn’t want to feel special?! You’ll even find some robust idea for the littlest of hands.

8. Stickers. Upload your photo to create a custom design, then purchase a set of just 24 or, if your child goes through stickers as quick as mine, there are purchasing packages ranging right up to an unimaginable 2400.

9. With choice of either 18 or 50 pieces, I think a custom wooden photo puzzle will be waiting under the Christmas tree for my girls this year.

10. Baby onesies and rompers. Available in 3 different size options, there is no limit to how sweet or cheeky you could be with this present idea.

11. Or how about a baby bib?

12. Board books. They can be personal, enjoyable and play an important role in helping build a little one’s recognition of the people in their life. There are so many educational uses for these sturdy books, like documenting a morning routine or helping to learn colours.

13. Personalise a photo memory game with this cute wooden set. For an older child, this set has double the number of pieces, or it’s an easy DIY if you’re not fussed about the game’s longevity.

14. For the young stationery lover, consider a notebook or folder emblazoned with their name and face.

15. Or would they just adore their own personalised colouring book?

16. Would your little superhero like their own personalised cape? Maybe not the best for protecting secret identities, but stinkin’ cute!

17. And what superhero look is complete without a mask?

18. These kids’ hoodies also come in adult sizes.

19. Add a photo to personalise a kid’s backpack, overnight duffle bag or toiletry bag.

20. Would it be harder for them to lose their lunch box if it had their face on it?

21. Cute and practical, how about these plastic cups and melamine plates.

Photo Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Looking for a gift idea for your favourite Mum? Whatever the occasion, here are some options to help show how much you care.

22. A tote bag is always useful, whether a simple canvas option or this lined tote complete with interior pocket.

23. How about these stud earrings for the Mum happy to show off a fun sense of style.

24. Or for a more traditional take on jewellery, these photo necklaces, pendants and bracelet charms.

25. Bring a smile to her workout routine with a personalised yoga mat.

26. Neoprene wine tote. I’d be granting present bonus points if gifted with wine.

27. These notebooks can be customised as a planner, address book or journal.

Fathers Day Photo Gifts

Move beyond the old socks and jocks for Dad (although you might want to check out items 36 and 37) with these custom present ideas.

28. Whether Dad wears shirts as everyday attire or they’re saved for special occasions, he can take you with him wearing a set of personalised cuff links.

29. Golf balls for your favourite golf lover.

30. What Dad wouldn’t enjoy receiving his very own custom stubby holder.

31. I think I just might treat myself to this desk calendar and brass easel set. The calendar design can be customised with different fonts as well as photos, and calendar refills for ongoing present opportunities.

32. These custom t-shirts are available in four colours, with sizes ranging from XL to XXXL. Also available in kid’s sizes.

Cheap and Quirky Gift Ideas

Looking for a present that will bring a laugh? Maybe that hard to buy for person, or the office Kris Kringle exchange? Many of these ideas are in the $30 range.

33. Prayer candles, perfect for your holier-than-thou friend. Submit a photo and they will be turned into a Saint, with their face added into artwork for the candle. Pets and the devil are also available.

34. Enamel pins. Your image is turned into the cutest little illustrated label pin. You approve the design and there is a minimum order of 10, but they’re too amazing not to include! Christmas Presents for everyone, maybe?

35. Face stickers. Gift a set of shaped stickers of your face or of theirs.

36. Never gift a pair of boring socks again, with these.

37. Or how about underwear? While many of the designs are on the ‘romantic’ side, perfect for your girlfriend or boyfriend, they do also offer kids’ designs.

38. Shot glasses, so they never forget your face, even when drinking.

39. How about a set of personalised playing cards?

40. Post-it notes. They come in two sizes and a variety of designs.

41. Choose a snow globe filled with hearts or glitter for under $20.

42. Haven’t you always wanted an oven mitt with your face all over it?

43. Rubik’s cube, a gift that’s a little bit nice and a little bit mean.

44. Celebrate a special occasion with a custom photo balloon.

45. Or how about this photo cake topper? Made from acrylic and cut to the shape of your image, it’ll add wow to any cake. So cute in a pot plant too!

46. Cover their fridge with magnet sets. They offer a fun 9 piece puzzle set, but I love the circle design for something a little different.

47. Temporary Tattoos With so many different designs to add a face too, there is an option for any occasion.

48. Turn a favourite photo into a custom sketch. Receive the digital file for a lot cheaper than you might expect, then print as desired. These family line sketches are only $33 and I adore this sweet baby portrait.

49. Who would you like to immortalise with a shaped photo pillow? There are pet and superhero options too.

Photo Gifts for Grandparents

49. A kneeling mat, perfect the grandparent how loves to spend time in their garden.

50. This brooch seems like Grandmother style to me.

51. How about a set of greeting cards, complete with envelopes, so they can send their love back out via mail.

52. There is a great joke to me make about loving someone to pieces gifting a jigsaw puzzle. With options from 15 pieces to 2000, all skill levels are catered for.

53. A tea towel, so your smiling faces can be hanging out in their kitchen all year long.

Photo Gift Ideas for the Home

54. These photo decals (removable stickers) are a fresh take on displaying photos on the wall.

55. Turn a sentimental instagram post into a bespoke LED light. With photo, caption and location included in the design, this gift is sure to wow.

56. You can snuggle up together under a photo blanket.

57. Add colour and memories to the couch with a custom pillow.

58. This bamboo photo card with stand is a lovely way to display a photo.

59. How about a serving tray?

60. Precious momentos can be stored in a personalised photo keepsake box.

61. A door stop. Often incredibly useful, but not something you’d expect to have a personalised touch.

62. For a totally different take on hanging a photo on the wall, here are custom wood prints.

63. Keeping with the wood theme, these photo blocks are designed to sit on a shelf. They come in 4 sizes, including a square option, and your choice of black or white edges.

64. Or for a sleeker look, here is an acrylic photo block that comes complete with a gift box.

65. If you are having trouble choosing a favourite photo, a desktop calendar allows you to showcase 12.

66. How do you feel about coasters? Select some favourite photos from long ago and they can have a dose of nostalgia with their morning coffee.

67. I never would have guessed that you can order personalised windchimes!

68. Clocks. These wall clocks can suit any taste, with four different styles and seven different dial options.

69. For something they have never seen before, how about a framed LED night light in the design of your photo. With the right photo choice (facial details don’t seem to translate so well), this could be incredible and I’m surprised the lights aren’t more expensive. Also available in a shaped version, with the option of a Bluetooth music player.

70. With choice of triangles or squares, this bunting will bring the celebration to any occasion.

71. Kitchen mat, designed to be supportive underfoot for long stints standing.

72. Commission an original work of art. Is this the gift to beat all gifts? There is a large range of price options and they probably start cheaper than you think, although sometimes the artist’s ability (or lack of) matches. Whether you’re aiming for a cheap and cheerful gag gift or a stunning piece that is destined to become a family heirloom, this present idea can cater to all.

Ideas to be used Out and About

Photo gifts don’t need to be consigned to the house. These gift ideas are designed to be used on the go.

73. How about a drink bottle? These double-layered stainless steel bottles are designed for hot or cold drinks and come in a range designs, including family, Disney, Star Wars and Teacher Appreciation themes. They even have cute sets of 2 with complementary designs.

74. They’ll never need to wonder which phone is theirs with a personalised phone case.

75. For the person who loves travelling, remind them of home with a luggage tag.

76. Or to guarantee they never go wrong at the baggage carousel, order them a custom suitcase.

77. How about a waterproof picnic blanket?

78. Be always there when you need them and add your photo to an umbrella.

79. These beach towels are available in five sizes, from small to double, and can be printed on one or both sizes.

80. There are so many possible used for a printed neoprene zipper pouch, you can never have too many.

81. A personalised Kindle cover might be the perfect gift for someone who loves snuggling up with their e-reader. You can choose from a protective cover or decorative skin, with tablet and iPad covers also available.

DIY Photo Gift Ideas

Now a few ideas if you want to get crafty, or maybe you want to give a crafty gift.

82. Custom design your own fabric then turn it into whatever you desire. Or, gift as fabric and they can sew it themselves.

83. A cross stitch. Turns out, it’s now ridiculously easy to turn any photo into a custom cross-stitch pattern. You upload your photo, select the number of stitches and the maximum number of colours and voila – you end up with a personalised pattern. Whether you want to make the cross stitch yourself or simply gather the materials for an impressive present that took just minutes to organise, this can be one thoughtful gift.

84. Personalised presents should be wrapped in any only paper – personalised wrapping paper!

Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

I couldn’t finish of a list of photo gift ideas without some that are just perfect for Christmas. Did anyone say teacher gifts? I don’t know about you, but I’ll be gifting teachers Christmas ornaments for years to come!

85. What family Christmas celebration would be complete without matching face pajamas?

86. Add a photo on one side, a personalised message on the other with these bamboo photo ornaments.

87. These metal photo ornaments come in 10 different shapes, individually or in packs of 6 or 10.

88. Or how about these porcelain ornaments?

89. They can enjoy a Christmas photo from years gone by all through December with an advent calendar.

90. Kids would have no trouble working out whose is whose with a personalised Christmas stocking.

91. Or if that’s just not enough room for all the presents, how about a Santa sack?

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