Big Brother, Baby Brother: Including Siblings in Newborn Sessions

Welcoming a tiny new little person into the family is a momentous occasion, filled with love and joy. A newborn photography session is a wonderful way to capture precious moments and memories of your newborn, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the entire family. It’s capturing a snapshot of life for you right now, centred around that new little baby for sure, but also documenting all the relationships that exist within a family.

I love newborn photography sessions that include big brothers and sisters. They are generally a LOT higher in energy than a newborn session for a firstborn, but there can be something truly magical about the bond between siblings, and a newborn photography session provides the perfect opportunity to capture the beginnings of this relationship.

There is no right way for a big brother or big sister to feel about the new baby in their home. Some siblings are incredibly keen to introduce me to their new family member, and some are already tiring of all the fuss that’s being made. Gentle touches and sweet smiles are lovely to photograph, but genuine interactions and emotions are at the heart of the moments that I want to capture for you. And there are many ways to showcase the curiosity, excitement and awe that a big brother or sister feels towards their baby sibling.

This is a heartwarming in-home newborn session with the adorable baby Ethan and his doting big brother, full of cuddles, laughter and joy.

Baby looking over mother's shoulder

Thanks for taking the time to look through some of my favourite images from this newborn session! If you’re interested in more of my newborn work, including information and pricing, head here: Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne.

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  1. Ali says:

    These are all so sweet!! This family will forever cherish them!

  2. Jillian says:

    Gorgeous images and Ethan’s big brother seems pretty happy to have a new addition to the family!

  3. Jillian says:

    Ethan’s big brother seems pretty excited about the new addition to the family, gorgeous images!

  4. Valerie says:

    These are so lovely!

  5. In home newborn sessions are my favorite. These images are fabulous!

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