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I have recently added a new question to the questionnaire I send out before newborn photography sessions.

I love photographing touch – it’s my love language – and that can be especially wonderful skin on skin. In additional to seeing some gorgeous baby skin, how do you and your partner feel about showing some skin?

And it’s all because of this gorgeous session with baby Kit. 

We’d been chatting and shooting for a while when I said I wanted to head into their bedroom to get some photos of their baby against Daniel’s chest. It’s my favourite way to show how small and fragile a newborn can be. Well, Mum Laura misunderstood me and directed Dad to whip off his shirt for the photos. I wasn’t going to argue. 

Those photos of baby and Dad, with all that skin and connection, are some of my favourites from this newborn session. 

I’ll admit, it doesn’t hurt that Daniel is easy on the eyes. However, there is an intimacy that skin gives to a photo, that feeling of peeking into a private moment of pausing and appreciating the loves in your life. 

So, if anyone feels like showing a little skin, sing out as I’d love to make it a part of my newborn photography session with you! (Or maternity photo session, couples photo session, family photo session with little kids…) 

Also keep an eye out for Laura with her eyes closed, just soaking in her brand new baby boy. Talk about capturing a perfect moment! xx

Dad holding baby in hands by Delanie, Greensborough newborn photographer
Mum and Dad sitting on bed holding baby, by Delanie, Greensborough newborn photographer
Greensborough newborn photography, baby looking at camera, in dad's arms while mum strokes head
Dad kissing baby by Delanie, Greensborough in-home newborn photographer
Mum and Dad gazing lovingly at baby in Dad's arms, by And So I Don't Forget Photography, Greensborough newborn photographer
Black and white images of baby asleep on Mum's shoulder by Delanie, Greensborough lifestyle newborn photographer
Dad holding baby during newborn photography session in Greensborough
close up image of baby holding dad's finger, Greensborough baby photography
mum snuggling with baby kit, standing with eye's closed
diptych images of Dad hugging Mum as she holds baby Kit
Mum and dad sitting on couch with baby kit
shirtless dad kissing forehead of baby in arms, Greensborough baby photography
black and white image of shirtless dad holding baby in arms, by Delanie of And So I Don't Forget Photography
Baby looking up at Dad, held in his hands, Greensborough newborn photographer
diptych photos taken during Greensborough newborn photography session, shirtless dad holding baby
skin on skin, dad holding baby during newborn photography session, Greensborough
dog kissing dad, mum holding baby and laughing, Greensborough photographer
black and white image of dad burping baby, chin resting on hand, Greensborough baby photography
dog staring at camera, looking over Mum and baby, dad patting dog, in home photography Greensborough
dog looking at baby on bed, Greensborough newborn photographer

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