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Our Week // May 2020

For a week in May, from Monday the 11th through Sunday 17th, I documented our days.

With COVID-19 restrictions just starting to lift, Mike was working different start and finish times from normal, I was working entirely from home, the girls had recently resumed spending days with their grandparents for childcare but there were no activities or kinder on the calendar. A visit with my little nephew was the only time I left the house all week.

I look at these photos and I see Milly taking me on a walk, with props, so I could ‘take photos for your work Mummy’. I see Emma napping in her cot and a sleepsuit put on backwards so she couldn’t take it off. I see her climbing into her cot and her refusal to wear pants. I see messy faces and my girls playing together. I see a love of popcorn. I see a baby in Milly’s tummy. I can hear Emma’s giggles and yells.

This was our wonderfully real and imperfect week.

And before I sign off, I’m linking up to some beautiful wedding portraits by Annie Absolon, a Miami child and family photographer. The colours are gorgeous!

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  1. Robyn Scherer says:

    I love how you captured the moments. what was ordinary seems extraordinary.

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