Where to Find Plus Size Dresses

Are you looking for the perfect plus size dress? I have gathered a list of online stores that stock some lovely dresses in sizes larger than 16. Many are Australian based, with a couple of international shops thrown in there too.

While I haven’t purchased from each of these places personally – my wardrobe and budget isn’t THAT big! – they did all have some dresses that I think would photograph beautifully.

Now I certainly don’t think you need to wear a dress for family photos – you do you! – but they can be very flattering. And for some more tips, you might want to check out my thoughts on what to wear for family photos if you are plus size.

Plus Size Dresses Under $100

Proud Poppy Clothing

In addition to their online shop, Proud Poppy have a physical store just down the road from me in Doreen. They are very active on social media with regular try-on videos.

Esther & Co.

Blue Bungalow


Between $100 and $200

Hear Us Roar

Curve Project

Natasha Gan

Birds Nest



Forever New

Plus Sizes Dresses Between $200 and $300

Bohemian Traders

Christy Dawn

Hetho & Co


I’ll finish off linking to the Instagram account of Natalie from Let Me Try Before You Buy, who frequently posts styling videos about different plus size brands. I’m not a huge fan of clothing/fashion content, but I’ve found her information to be enjoyable and helpful.

Do you have any favourite places to find plus size dresses?

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  1. So many fabulous options! I love how you put all this together. Such a great resource.

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