Family Photography Session // Unicorn Girl
Newborn Photography Session // Wide Eyed and Adorable

Maternity Photography Session // Over All She Reigns

Melbourne Maternity Photographer-1

When I put out a call on my Facebook page that I was looking for a pregnant someone for a maternity shoot, Melissa was one of the people who replied. Arriving at her house, we sat down for a chat and I remember commenting that maternity photography can sometimes be really staged and corny.

'Thank goodness you said that', I can remember Melissa saying, because she had looking into booking in for some maternity photos but everything had seemed so 'posey'.She was definitely my kind of client!

Looking through the photos (these are just a few of the 31 I provided Melissa) I am really pleased with what I have produced. And hopefully Melissa was too! Sure, I have ventured further into 'posey' with some shots than others - encouraging variety in placing of the hands is definitely something to work on - but I think this is a set of beautiful, relaxed and casual maternity photos.     

Melbourne Maternity Photographer-2

Melbourne Maternity Photographer-3

Bundoora Maternity Photographer-1

Melbourne Maternity Photographer-4

Melbourne Maternity Photographer-5

Bundoora Maternity Photographer-2

Melbourne Maternity Photographer-6

Melbourne Maternity Photographer-7


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What a wonderful memory you have provided for Melissa. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful woman!

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